Agora 12: International Law and the Aesthetic

In contemporary society it is axiomatic that the world of the arts is infinitely international in nature. Yet, the relationship between international law and the various manifestations of art, which range from the visual arts such as painting, sculpture, video, sound and installation art, photography and printmaking, to performing arts such as music, dance and theatre, is rarely explored.
The aim of this agora is to examine some aspects of the relationship between international law and the arts from a public and private international law perspective. Topics for the panel may cover any form or representation of the visual arts, including the legal or illicit sale, distribution and exhibition of works of art or other cultural objects. It may further include issues relating to the loan (or bailment) of works of art for exhibition, recovery of lost or stolen or looted art, and intellectual property rights such as copyright and digital rights that may attach to works of art. Similarly, the performing arts may give rise to issues of representation and performance in the public or private international law sphere.


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